I Don’t Publish Every day***

But read me anyway

Photo by Road Trip with Raj on Unsplash

So there are a lot of articles on here that say, “Write every day!”

Which I do.

But I won’t send out first drafts…anymore. I want people to read my work and hopefully enjoy it (or hell, argue with me. Just don’t be a jerk).

I know I am supposed to get 100 followers to really get somewhere on this site and if I make money that would be wonderful. However, I am not looking for followers as much as readers and if you do read my work, then thank you.

Also, another big thank you to those who do follow me but I’m not going to compromise to get followers.

I didn’t join Medium or any other site with the expectation that this would be lucrative. I want to get my work out there.

I want to read your stories. I want to learn from you and hopefully, my writings and thoughts will do the same for you. I’m not going to send you garbage to feed the Medium Machine Monster.

Seriously, as I say in About Me — let’s talk and get that cup of coffee.

— Amy

***This originally had a different photo that was a bit more suited but I couldn’t be sure it could be correctly attributed. Fortunately, Mr. Parker decided to step in and take care of things. Thanks, Spidey!



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Amy Von Blickhahn

Amy Von Blickhahn

Writer of memoir essays, pop culture and all the trivia you never knew you wanted.